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To become so intoxicated that you are extremely annoying. Someone who is Lanstoned greets their friends every five minutes, spills beer on them, and constantly asks them for cigarettes. Someone who is Lanstoned also may hit on their friend's girlfriend or boyfriend, spill bongwater on the record player, or urinate on the couch whilst someone is sitting on it.
Joe: "Yo, Sawyer, whassup!"

Sawyer: (sarcastically) "Hey Joe!"
Joe: "Say, Sawyer, do you by chance have a cigarette?"
Sawyer: "Dude, you just smoked my last one."
Joe: "Oh yeah." (stumbles, and spills beer on Sawyer)
Sawyer: "DAMNIT"
Joe: "Shit man, sorry."
Sawyer: "It's fine"
Joe: "Say, do you have a smoke I can bum?"
Sawyer: (glares)
Joe: "Shit, I'm sorry, I'm Lanstoned right now"
Sawyer: (walks away)
by Air Lanstoned March 13, 2013
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