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The most neglected school in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. Known for its great arts program and crappy student atmosphere, this school is for the brave and brave only. It has no money to spend and is what the other poorhouse school up the hill, Brookswood Secondary, calls "ghetto". No cliques, just gangs and a whole lot of smokers, druggies and gangs. It seems fine on the surface but really that place should have been closed down half a century ago. No homework, poor maintenance and no funding it what sums up a day at LSS.
Friend: Hey, man, where d'ya go to school?
LSS Student: Langley Secondary School.
Friend: Aw, man, you're not serious. That place is so ghetto.
by SnapshotOfASoul December 22, 2010
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One of the shittiest schools in Langley, BC. The heating system is broken, so if you want your child to freeze to death - send them right over! Instead of using student fees for useless leadership events, it could be invested into repairing the school - or you know, upgrading the computers from the 1990's. Filled with drug dealing skip outs, your child is sure to become one of them! The janitors lazy out and don't even clean the stale shit in the washrooms. The staff are great, but always talk shit behind each other's backs. If an earthquake were to roll through, your little precious will be killed by the failing infrastructure. Graduating? Be ready to spend a minimum of $100 - and that's just for grad photos. The parent PAC cheaps out every year, so don't even feel bad for not going to any of the graduation events.
Emma: "I think I'll be switching to Langley Secondary School."
Ellie" "Emma... I'll get your grave ready, sweety"
by MeltedMargarine September 04, 2016
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