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Accurate description of a human being that partakes in piggish activities, but is not actually a dirtbag. Can often be mistaken as an upstanding member of the community when sober.

Landdogs are often represented by forming an L with your thumb and forefinger.
1. Fuck numbers is such a fucking landdog.

2. nSync becomes an absolute landdog when he gets on the col mackenzies.

3. Col Mackenzie just downed a james wall of col mackenzie. What a fucking landdog.

4. TMc is certainly not a pig, but could be a landdog. It's hard to tell when he is sober.
by the glynners May 24, 2010
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large bodied, loud, obnoxious, arrogant breed of Australian alcoholic. should not be confused with bogans/footy heads or yobos. Although there are similarities such as constant flano wearing and dirty potty mouth, they are a breed of human all to there own.
IF sober they can be mistaken for a regular citizen of society but do not be fooled a landdog is a dangerous territorial creature and will bite without provoking.
1."Ned Taylor ruined my chances with that poonani last night by being such a landdog"
2."fucking hell how big of a landdog is Mika these days"
3."shut ya lips Hayden ya fucking landdog"
4."your such a landdog don't you have a different flano"
5."take a shower you fucking landdog"
6. "whats everyone up to today?" "dont know but im pretty sure landdog is at the pub"
by Landdog May 15, 2010
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