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To date there is only 2 lancerians known to man. Born from the planet Mitsu, these valiant warriors were split at birth when they were sent to earth to protect the human race and the greater good of mankind. However this noble title is not given free willingly. The gods of Mitsu selected only those who displayed courage and bravery, compassion and humility, and most importantly Super natural driving skills. You see a lancerians weapon of choice is the Lancer. A sleek sports car on the outside, but on the inside the ultimate weapon. The lancerians both posses two different Lancers, one to blend in with society and create a persona and another designed for elite tactical response in any situation. These caped crusaders are masters of disguise and could be hiding amonst you and your friends right now!

The Lancerians are earths only hope against the evil Doctors of Doom..........

May the speed be with you Lancerians!
It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's the Lancerians!!!
by Lancerian2 December 29, 2010
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