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Lanah is a beautiful girl. She doesn’t trust many with her secrets. She is very smart, competitive, and loving. She has many friends and everyone loves her. She puts everyone else before her. You need a Lanah.
OMG that girls my best friend she’s such a Lanah.
by CoolDude14567 December 27, 2017
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Lanah is such a beautiful girl, she’s kind and outgoing and will do anything for the people around her. She is shy and not very confident but has a heart of gold. Lanah will have brown hair and brown eyes. She will most likely be married and have children at a young age.
Omg it’s lanah, she’s so nice
by Anonymouschick347 July 10, 2018
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Lanah is extremely beautiful, she can be a hoe, she'll most likely date a guy name Isaiah.She is smart, funny, and a extremely person to hang around.Her skin reflecting is probably mixed or black.
"Isn't your boyfriend Isaiah?"

"Lanah your the most beautiful person I ever saw"
by Oahaahkaajakakakka March 14, 2017
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