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the most fabulous event of all time, better than anal sex...

pronounced as 'lan ex', but 'lanks' is also acceptable...

the only Lan party fully endorsed by jesus, mohammed, bruce lee and the easter bunny.
hot babe: hey there hot stud
me: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey
hot babe: wanna come to my house and have hot anal sex with me and 7 of my hot friends?
me: no thanks, im goin to lanX
hot babe: oh okay, i will also go to lanX
by fabulous man May 03, 2006
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the best of the best in the intro community.
can always be hard to come together with, also missed 9 messages in the past 3 hours from his girlfriend.
lanx can beat braz and eternal2d.
by LanX. August 01, 2019
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