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Nickname for Lombard, IL explaining how lame it is. Lombard is located near Villa Park and is extrememly boring. Most people that live there never move outside of Dupage County. Most people that live there end up going to Willowbrook High School or Glenbard. Every 12-18 year old that lives here knows atleast one slut and most likely more than two druggies. There is nothing to do so we loiter outside of 7/11 over the summer, go to Yorktown Mall, and sled down Jackson hill on snow days. It's filled with girls who are obseesed with the jonas brothers or think that they are 'emo.' Everyone believes you need a lable. Thus: Lamebard
I can't wait to get the hell out of Lamebard.
by i am julia nicetomeetyou March 12, 2009
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