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A school that is practically bankrupt because the principal hates his life and wants to make everyone else miserable. The tax payers are too stupid to vote for a school levy probably because they are all Obama supporters. They wish they could just cease to exist so all of the kids could go to Mason where everyone has a brand new car. We also have a cop that thinks he's all that but in reality, he makes minimum wage and frankly, should be working at McDonalds. Maybe the school could save some money by turning off the overly used A/C.
Friend 1: Dude the Lakota West High School principal took away my headphones today...
Friend 2: I heard he sells them on eBay to make up for the failed levies.
Principal: shhhh or I'll take your iPhone too, I only have tmobile coz im so poor
by AwesomeCop March 17, 2012
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