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You were searching for bakersfield instead you got lost and found a lake in the middle of some mountains. Hopefully your white!(Europeans first explored this area they found it populated mostly by a couple of Indian tribes, the Tubatulabals and by a few Paiute-Shoshone. After an incounter with the U.S. Calvery the deomgraphics stand thus: 90.44% White, 0.06% Black or African American, 1.90% Native American, 0.81% Asian, 0.06% Pacific Islander, 2.50% from other races, and 4.22% from two or more races. 6.76% of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race. ) If not take a picture and leave now! (you'll have a better impression of the place if you do). This place looks like Mayberry but is secretly Stepford The town is made of three types of people: the stuckin the 50's era group- a run in with this group you will find out very quickly what is and isn't appropiate of a young man or lady, how this town came to be and how thier family helped, and why you shouldn't be there ( that is unless your related to one of the ruling families aka someone rich, a mayor, a principle, or the dock owner and in that case they already know everything about you) If not be prepare to be snubbed like no other. Group 2 the product of the 50's era people- these are the ones who could not escape: they have jobs their parents made them get, they spend the weekends drunk at the beach, most smoke or do something else not entirely legal. A lot of them probably got out for a little while but couldn't make it in the real world with out help from mommy and daddy so they came back to breed, get drunk and shame thier parents. Group 3 non white and non related to the rest of the town: this type is most likely mexican and wont speak english so they don't understand the other 90% when they were told to get out of town. You don't see much of them unless group 2 is trying to anger group 1 by dateing, marrying or befreinding them. Lake Isabella located near the armpit of california has a wopping population of 3,315 at the 2000 census. Is mostly for a 2 day vacation spot due to the 2 rivers and large forests and lack of police force the hot summer weather and the river's natural beauty entice many of the nearly 500,000 visitors who flock there to camp, fish and experience water sports. Unfortuatley because the lake is man made under currents and vareing degrees of deepth make this area the 4th likely spot in the US to drown if you do drowned you'll probably be under the influence of something and you'll probably take someone else with you.
Welcome to Lake Isabella Pop: 3,315 oops! I mean 3,309 we found the John Doe and his clan at the bottom of the lake.
by decendant of a group 2 April 02, 2009
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