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A private school founded in Central Florida. Known to be one of the best private schools in Florida, which it should be since you pay $16,000 a year in tuition to attend!

Preppy atmosphere lacking any type of diversity, unless you count the five black kids in every grade who were given an "academic scholarship" to play some type of sport. For a "Christian based school" it also has a large population of Jewish students.

Parts of the student body can be a tad pretentious and superficial, whether that be the macho lacrosse players to the vapid blond cheerleaders. Expect the student parking lot to be filled with parents' Mercedes and Lexus'. Guys wear Guy Harvey Shirts and Sperry's, whereas girls wear Ugg boots with leggings.

Basically your typical college prep school for all the professionals (Doctors, Lawyers, and Businessmen) , who want to send their sons or daughter to "prestigious" schools, or avoid the public schools of the area.
Typical Lake Highland Preparatory School Student:

"Haha, yeah we got wasted that weekend at that Isleworth party. Good thing I told my parents I was working on my Vanderbilt and Wake Forest applications"
by Ryan199172 March 22, 2010
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