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"The Village" kids like to call it nowadays make it sound like its the place to be on Thursday nights. Teens ages 12-21 take at least three hours to prepare them selves, and while doing so take scandalous pictures and post them all over Facebook. Hudson Falls kids, mostly, get hammered and when the morning comes they don't know where they are or how they got there. 90% of the Queensbury student population go there regularly, and is almost impossible to go there and not see someone you know. When each person go home, they have at least one friend request on Facebook. Its the place to be if you want an STD. Oh and dont worry you will get your butt slapped for sure. Have a safe summer.
~D00d, d!d u 3nd ^ goin to the Lake George Village last nit3??
~i think s00, if i culd only remember where my pants wentt.
~yeah but you were so drunk. haha. BEST SUMMER EVER!
~ WAIT DO YOU KNOW WHT HAPPEND TO MY FOOT. UGHH, hurtt so bad. so b a d!
by frgbhnjui August 18, 2011
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