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A CUNT!!!!!!!! she is a backstabbing bitch that will cheat on you...she will say she loves you and then goes and hurts you...don't trust her...all she wants is sex...if you are looking for a person to get with and she hits you up block her and run... She like everything guys...girls....trans... Bi....pan....lesbian...honestly if you now the a lailonie get her the fuck out of your life now!!! You don't want to get hurt...
"You hurt hurt me really bad",person
"Ik I did and I'm sorry I'll go IG if you don't want me in your life", lailonie
by _its_always_lit_ June 11, 2018
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Is smart, very independent, speaks mind, open to others opinion. very fun, may show insercurities but they just need someone to be there from time to time. Great person inside & takes pride of the person outside.
Best friend: Hey lailonie I’m having trouble with my boyfriend

Lailonie: maybe u should give him some space
by thebestkid4eva December 23, 2018
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