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Lahezra is a cool person but she can get on your nerves buy doing stuff that you don't like to do.Really Lahezra is a person when you really need her for a very bad things you need help with.She cusses alot mostly when she is mad.She is better in the inside better than she is on the outside.She is rude but u will get use to it.She gets boys and sometimes girls to do what she wants to do. She can make boyfriends easily.She is a dog person.She likes wrestling on the trampling.She lessons to 92.5 radio station alot.If you ever meet her then you will like her.But if you were a boy and met somone named Lahezra then would fall in love with her!
1.It is because it is awesome! was really fun to be able to right this. 3.I like Lahezra because she is my good cousin.
by Angelina Hartley February 02, 2017
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