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A girl who is very dramatic,gets money from her parents,is a rich bitch,a slut,and is very popular just like the girls from the MTV reality show Laguna Beach,
"That girl is nothing without her money,she's such a laguna beach bitch"


"lbb" - used in internet slang
by Huntillary March 18, 2007
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laguna beach bitches lah-goo-NUH beech bit-CHEZ noun 1. Wears uggs; abercrombie & fitch; hollister; american eagle; coach; juicy courture; short skirts (shows thong); low-rise jeans; low rise shirts; padded, stuffed bras; spandex-type footless leggings; . 2. Accesorises with; fake mardis gras beads; plastic scene beads; clown makeup for albino anorectics; uniform dye jobs 3. Body type -- anorexic. 4. Personality -- a) says hello in order to be obnoxious; denies fault when accused; Claim to be impurturbed by others, but beg to be given reasons as to why they are disliked by outsiders; can't understand why people dislike them; doesn't like the friends they are 'closest' to; backstabbing backtalk; make up stupid monosyllabic sounds similar to that of a caveman see, nuh b) supress any latent intelligence; may have once been normal; think that they are royalty; treat outsiders like dirt; perpetually lies c) participates in school functions such as blue and gold night, sportsnite, and all-girls sports teams
5. MYSPACE STALKERS a) Visit, through friends of friends, other people's myspaces, even when blocked, in order to have something to start drama
Those laguna beach bitches think they are so great, but they are just irritating.
by Meredith B., and Abigail K. January 25, 2007
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