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Someone who is pleased sexually by the act of eating large quantities of peanut butter. Quantitatively, it can be defined as someone who eats 5 or more pounds of peanut butter per week or approximately 60,00 Cal of peanut butter weekly. When tolerance levels to the euphoria of peanut butter consumption are too high, a lafreniere is know to literally inject straight creamy JIF peanut butter into their veins using large gauge hypodermic needles purchased from homeless street urchins. In desperate times, users will shoot up the lower quality crunchy peanut butter out of desperation which often leads to overdose due to the unregulated legume dosage.
Intrigued by a whimpering yet pleasurable moaning sound, I once peeked through the crack in the bathroom door and saw a lafreniere disrobe and slowly sink into a bathtub filled to the brim with peanut butter softly illuminated by the dancing flames of the candles perched along the bath's edge.
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