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The ultimate defender of consumers against abuses by businesses, especially restaurants that won't give you the table you want, when you don't even have a reservation. She will move her influences with authorities to send inspectors to find bogus irregularities so the business is closed down for good.
Hostess: Welcome to Maximo Bistrot. We are kind of full today. Do you have a reservation?
Client: No, but we can wait.
Hostess: How many?
Client: Three.
(Minutes later)
Client: Hey, why did you give a table to those guys?
Hostess: They were waiting already before you arrived. But, we now have a table for you and your friends.
Client: But we want the table you gave to those guys.
Hostess: I'm sorry I can't do that. That table is already taken.
Client: You don't know who you are dealing with. I'm going to call Lady Profeco to have this crappy place shut down.
by Agallon May 03, 2013
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