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A terrible virus brought on by the unpleasant lack of interaction with female genitalia. Withdrawals may sometimes cause you to be in a confused state of mind, not being "On top of your game." Your judgement may be terribly affected, falling victim to what is known as "beer goggles." Do not be afraid. You may think your recent daydreams will never come true but stay calm, your day will come, Your dick will rise, and you will conquer the drought. There are no over the counter remedies, unless you are in the 'Red Light District'... My heart goes out to all who are affected
"Look at that cute ginger over there!"
"Bro are you serious?"
"When was the last time you danced the horizontal hokey pokey?"
"Haha It's been like 4 months."
"Dude....I'm pretty sure you got Lackopussitis"
by UNCLE SPLUNCH September 12, 2011
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