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Labwa (labo'a) originally means "lioness" and from the nature of this female feline creature the slang meaning was derived. It doesn't mean slut or whore (sharmoota), it is more synonymous with "Bitch" .
A labwa is usually a strong independent woman who takes pride in her femininity and who is not willing to be committed to only one man least of all her husband, she either enjoys sex a lot or only uses it to gain what she wants, and just like a lioness she will devour her victims but either sexually or financially.
When a man describes a woman as being a labwa this can either be because he thinks she's wonderful or despicable!

Plural: lebaw
dude1: have you seen this labwa who was flirting with everyone in the club last night?
dude2: Yeah man, She was soo hot, I wanna marry a woman like that!
dude1: she'll make you grow eyes in the back of your head man, she's a fucking labwa.
by Oldhippie December 29, 2008
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Labwa : it means lioness (lion's female) , but in arabic slang , sometimes it has the same meaning of (sharmoota , qahba , mitnaka = bitch or cunt , slut)

hey , you are a son of labwa (son of bitch , your mother is a slut)
by lawaleb March 04, 2008
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