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1. Commonly a female who is F.I.N.E.-Freaky Insecure Neurotic Emotional female that will be laughing like a school girl one moment and in a split second with the doors closed behind you in her office is an out of control screaming, maniacal, insulting and condescending insane creature that obviously should be on medication. If she is not extremely anorexic and homely, she is extremely obese and homely-either one is bad. Could also be a bleached blonde that is dumber than a cardboard box and doesn't know that Mayo Clinic is in Rochester MN, and not Rochester NY (rural) Exercise extreme caution around this female, do not go into any rooms that the door can be closed, have a video camera with you at all times and treat her as if she is mentally ill at all times.
2. Uncommonly a male that has an extreme level of estrogen, and is usually a pretty nice guy. However, most of these guys are impotent and not just in their job capacity.Mostly benign, until you trigger that deep underlying emotional disorder, and heavy closet scotch problem.
Dude, I think she went totally Lab Manager on me over the microscope light being shut off, I suggested that she get her Lithium level checked.

The pink shirt on Valentine's Day tells it all that this guy is a Lab Manager!!! What guy is sucking him off this week?
by Shaniqqua May 09, 2012
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