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An obese Aardvark.
When the BMI of an Aardvark is equal to or greater than 30, the animal is referred to as a "Laardvark".
Causality is believed to be a) genetic or b) environmental or c) both.

The genetic component is believed to affect the "off" switch in the animals ant-vacuum system, leaving the suction running beyond the full point, so to speak.
The environmental component may be due to our society of modern conveniences. The vast array and easy availability of candied ants are thought to be at fault.
The mix of genetic disposition and a sweet tooth, or Aardvarks with gluttonous tendencies have been observed, but not documented.
The Aardvark stormed the specialty food store and bullied it's way to the candied ant section. It fed until all ants, chocolate and mint, orange jellied and others were devoured, waddling away from the store as a Laardvark.
by Sinned33 February 18, 2010
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n. - a human of diminutive yet rotund stature; usu. with limbs much smaller than the ratio their size would imply as natural; likeness seen best when they are leaning over everyone's plate at dinner with their stubby arms propped on the table

pronunciation: lard'-vark
Look at all those laardvarks leaving that diabetes info class.

Get your own, laardvark!
by sadjitarius March 23, 2008
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A fucking lazy creature. Something that would lie in its own poop if it didn't smell
Stop being a laardvark and get off the couch.
by MRiT October 16, 2013
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