Laaa is a derivative of less. It is used when someone is too aggressive or hard core. It should be used for that person who is talking way too much about stupid things, or someone who makes an absurd comment. Laaa can be said loudly and and softly, depending on how big the laaa actually is.
"hey guys are you ready to fucking lax!!" ....this deserves a laaa
by laaacrosse May 31, 2011
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Specifically said in the Shropshire, particularly more rural areas.

A shortened form of "Ok lad" ... usually used as a mockery of the Shropshire border accent who are known to put a particular emphasis on the "aaaa" sound and, so much so that the "d" seems absent.

It is used by many Salopians as a mockery of the border accent because it is seen as lazy and supposedly misses out sounds.

Locals all over Shropshire commonly use the term "lad" as an affectionate term for a friend.. The term is, stranely, multi-gender and can be said to girls.
Note: A Salopian would never say "alright lad?" to a girl, but they would probably say "alright laaa?"


Salopian Sixth Former 1: "I'm going to be late for Biology, can you tell Sarah?
Salopian Sixth Former 2: "K laaaa."
by ok lad/lass November 19, 2013
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