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Another hypocrtical conservative pundit who rants on and on about feminism and government dependency, yet is a 38 year old unmarried, barren, and selfish welfare queen. She claims to be pro-life and against feminism, yet as a 38 year old blogger earning sufficient money to support a family, she is not willing to adopt fetuses who otherwise might be aborted, nor has she had her own kids. She qualifies as a feminist who puts her own blogging career needs over starting a family. She rants on and on about government dependence, yet when her sister ( a normal sane person with functional arms and legs) needs money, instead of using genuine conservative rhetoric like "be an enterprising black women and go out and work hard for the money," she posts a PAYPAL donation link to help support her sister. Little does she know that whether it is the government, or a paypal donation, she is telling her Sister that it is okay not to work hard, and rely on either the government or other folks' donations to get by.
Person 1:
You ain't got no ALIBI
You're Barren."

Person 2: "Hey.. is that about the hypocritical LaShawn Barber?"

Person 1: "How'd you know!"

Person 2: "I mean it had to be either her or Ann Coulter. Both are hypocritical barren pundits."
by Angryblackconservative June 21, 2005
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