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Typically derived from the ancient Hindi scriptures meaning “the almighty one.” This involves but is not limited to, possessing the skills of a lax god. Shaped by the lax world, one of this description is comprises of monumental attributes in addition to naturally good looks. Through recent research and rigorous studies, this is a genetic blessing that is passed down for generations. Therefore, one cannot be taught these ways as they are natural born talents. Girls can never contain themselves when faced with a La Neve as they want to be with him as well as make him many sandwiches. Guys want to be him but most realize by age 10 that being a La Neve is virtually impossible except if your La Neve himself.
(n) "The midi's ability to be a La Neve carried his team to the NLL Championship."

(v.) "After the win, he went out for the night and La Neved the girls he found at the bar."

(adj.) "Dayum boy you’re looking so La Neve with that nice bod and outrageous flow."
by laxdawg14 June 01, 2010
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