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A japanese cartoon porno, mainly having women raped by evil demons. La Blue Girl comes in and saves the day with her half human half demon powers, and her little ninja side kick whos obsessed with women
I downloaded the whole series of La Blue Girl.
Ya sick f*ck
by Chmmr May 30, 2006
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Series of highbrow films often associated with the wapanese. Erotic art that, according to conniseurs of fine entertainment (that is to say, Anime fans), you are doomed never to understand.

Plot line often consists of poorly developed characters being raped by demons. With tentacles. And there's ninjas. I swear.
"I totally got the La Blue Girl box set yesterday. Oh, and my doctor says there's an abscess in my ass from never leaving the computer."
by An Asshole October 06, 2003
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