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La stroka is a legendary creature whose existence is suggested but is widely unrecognized. La stroka has been thought to inhabit the Indiana and Ohio planes but recent sitings in Southern Arizona have recently been documented. Those who know la stroka know that she can be overcome with a stoke at anytime but is more likely to when she is in need of large amounts of attention which occurs quite frequently. It has been said that there is no way to get rid of a la stroka except for loud mariachi music and good mexican food two things she extremely dislikes. If one can overwhelm la stroka with an excessive amount of mariachi music and mexican food it is believed that la stroka can be overcome and defeated for good.
Everything was going great until la stroka showed up and pretended to have a stroke.

Make sure you pay la stroka some attention of she'll pretend to have a stroke so everyone will sympathize with her.
by jamal higgins July 14, 2012
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