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"la lechuza" is a folkloric/mythical bird beast. Said to be a witch which (lol) shapeshifts into an owl.

I heard about "la lechusa" from my hispanic grandmother growing up. She even said she saw it once, on the side of the house trying to get in. She also said she heard it walking in the attic some nights.

Some say "la lechusa" will haunt those who have done wrong and call their name at night or appear at their window with a womans face.

There are many variations to the story and many who "claim" they have seen it.

I actually saw it once, it was about 7pm and i heard something splashing out back by the river. I went out and saw it fighting a unicorn!
Hay viene La Lechusa!
by lechusa slayer June 12, 2011
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