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Spanish (mainly Puerto Rican) slang for law enforcement/the police. While la policia can also be used, la Hada is generally a less known term for the police and for this reason is often used among latino gang members, such as the Latin kings, because many non-gangsters unfamiliar with spanish slang are unaware of what this means. This term is especially popular in the ghetto area of Chicago. 'La Hada' generally has more of a negative connotation as opposed to 'la policia'. Also appears several times in Reymundo Sanchez autobiography, "My Bloody Life: The Making of a Latin King."
"La hada! La hada!" (the police, the police!) he yelled, fleeing the shootout scene.

"Llama la policia!" (call the police!) she cried, hoping her friend would be okay.
by bodyelectric June 13, 2013
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