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A short-lasting rap group that formed in the suburb of West Newton, MA in 2001, mostly as a response to September 11th. It's main group members were:

Funkmaster Nick AKA
Bo the Gangsta
Big Daddy Nate
Crazy Bitch Alex

It also featured Collin, at various times.

They produced only four songs, each as a music video:

East LA
Daily Dose of Gangsta
Bling Bling Muthafucka
Pimpin' in NMA

Their style of rap drew from many sources, including but not limited to Tupac, LL Cool J, The Roots, and the work of David Lynch. They often explored themes of social confusion, the physicalities of life, and general emotional trauma. Their catalogue of work was, as the group has said, "a response to the helplessness of our suburban lives."

Their disbanding in 2002 has disappointed fans ever since.
LWB was the greatest rap group of all time.
by clafleche July 18, 2006
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