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Similar to other web trendy acronyms, such as WTF and LOL,
LTFF is an acronym for "Let The Fucker Fly" typically used by software developers prior to testing a bug fix or code change but may be used in any situation where you need to run or send something.
1. Software Developer Setting
Bob "Hey Steve, did you fix that bug in the code yet?"

Steve "Hey Bob, as a matter of fact I did and was just about to test it now!"

Bob "Great! LTFF and lets see if its working."

Steve "LTFFing now Bob."

2. Non Software Developer Setting
Jane and Bill are writing an e-mail to their boss reporting results from a difficult and stressful project.

Bill "Hey Jane, I think this report to the CEO looks good enough, what do you think?"
Jane looks at at her watch, yawns then says "LTFF and lets get out of here and grab some drinks."
by The Computer Genius April 16, 2010
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