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The zone your moite reaches when his acid is on the downside of its peak. At this point in time his soul will recede into the darkness of his mind. No matter how you attempt to address your moite his only reaction will to produce an icy glare and a maniacal smile taking you deep into your childhood past, back to the horror of the clowns. Is he dead or just still? Once at the stage of LSDomez this being's only purpose appears to be performing intricate trolling of your equally unstable sanity. Yet, it soon becomes clear that once the point of LSDomez is reached, he has no more control over his face than you do over his multiversal shamanistic powers.
Metal: Dude, every time Gomez looks at that lamp it fuckin warms my obliques!
Andy: Fuckin LSDomez man he's going full cosmic!

Andy: Hey, have you seen Gomez?
Metal: He's right behind you man.
LSDomez: *Stares while lying on pool table*
Andy: Oh God! Its LSDomez! His ocular fixation is boring through my consciousness like an acid spear impaling a litmus brain!
Metal: Dude, take the shot and eat your ice cream sandwhich.
LSDomez: *stares from couch*
Andy: Alright
Metal: And stop making me elaborate your exclamations of 'shiiiit' through extended metaphors on colloquial dictionary websites to make the definition look cooler, just say it at the time.
Andy: Alright
LSDomez: *Stares from floor*
by Metal-man August 28, 2010
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