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Lincoln Park performing arts charter school

1) a not so public public school where children think they can audition to live hsm in real life. When in reality it’s just a public school with arts classes.

2)Where people go to be themselves cuz they feel like people hate them so they show off their only abilities. Where there are majors with so many stereotypes such as the music majors there are 4 stereotypes for this one - 1) the guitar majors: a bunch of people that only care about playing guitar and smoking/vaping, 2) the vocal majors: think they’re better than everyone because of the awards they get at adjudication and cuz D Ulms told them so. 3) the percussionists: think of Grandpa Rick as a god, make him read poetry out loud and wear a chicken suit. 4) the orchestra: somewhat less snooty than the singers each one of them are very good at whatever Goodman tells them to do, and juxtaposition bcuz y not
So do you guys have academics at LPPACS?
by HemiolaLover June 11, 2018
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