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Laughing Off My Chair

When you laugh at something so hard that you fall off your chair.

Typically happens in a computer chair due to laughing at the conversation between a couple weird Americans and a few extra special Brits on Facebook.
W: Wait you guys are trying to hook up JR with an engaged British chick who's 8000 miles away from him? That's just wrong. lol

JR: 4799 miles Willtard lol

T: Willtard!! LOL that made me laugh! ohmyword.. ur eating pizza.. please dont tell me ur turned on ..

JO: LOL ok u guys u gotta stop im laughing off my chair now!!

T: ur "laughing off your chair" LOL

W: LOMC - Laugh Off My Chair

T: HAHAHA! thats amazing
by Myrmidon111 July 29, 2010
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