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LMFAOWCAFTLTRAK, pronounced lum fow calf til track, but quickly say it so its Lumfowcalftiltrack.

It is a brand new mint condition term created to be used as computer slang or possibly actual dialogue in reality.

LMFAOWCAFTLTRAK stands for "Laughing My Fucking Ass Off, While Climbing A Fire Truck Ladder To Rescue A Kitten"

This was created out of spite and in the name of parody for all the computer slang present today having to do with laughing.

All credits and proceeds are deserved by Jay Muller,
while on an AIM conversation..

John- "Knock Knock"
Susan- "Who's There?"
John- "Little Old Lady.."
Susan- "Ugh, Little Old Lady Who?"
John- "I Didn't know you could whistle!"
Susan- "Jackass.."
by Fresh2DeathLikeUKnoIAm July 21, 2010
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