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LLTM ("Looks Lit To Me") is what all the cool kids are saying these days when they approve of something. It's essentially LGTM, but way more lit.
Colleague: "Please review my doc"
Cool kid: "Reviewed your doc. LLTM."
by a1gaius July 18, 2018
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Acronym for "Laughing Loudly To Myself."
Used to express genuine interest, unlike "LOL".
Actually paying attention:
You: I just found out I have herpes...
Me: Holy crap man, I'm so sorry. Are you sure it's not an ingrown hair? Maybe
frostbite...Have you been sticking your dick in snow lately?
You: LLTM, Dane Cook is fucking kickass.

Not paying attention:
You: My wife died today, Tim. I'm contemplating suicide.
You: I'm serious here, Tim, I thought you would be more understanding.
Me: lol ok

by Tim Arnet June 16, 2008
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