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LLOTI - Laughing Loudly On The Inside. What people should really be typing when they use LOL because they aren't really Laughing Out Loud when they say it and we all know it.
Jensen: OMFG did you see that guy, like totally yummy
Jessie: yeah super sexy 8-) cause the pants below the ass is soo hot lloti
Jensen: what the hell? and what the fuck is LLOTI?
Jessie: its this new thing cause you know like everyone who chats ALWAYS uses lol but never really laughs out loud, so its like totally LLOTI you know laughing loudly on the inside.
Jensen: oh my god you mean like 'that's soo fetch' type shit?
Jessie: yeah but only cooler lloti
Jensen: lloti ;-)
by InuMan January 07, 2011
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