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Means "Leave her in the mud" -- a phrase you can use when you completely ditch the girl by stranding her somewhere.
So, me and a girl went off-roading and got stuck in 4 feet of mud... I left her in the truck and went for help... Well, I ended up forgetting about her, watched a hockey game, and returned about 4 hours later. She was gone. I left her in the mud (LHITM).
by GreedyPunk June 19, 2006
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LHITM stands for "Leave her in the mud" -- A phrase you may use when you ditch a girl by completely stranding her somewhere.
I went off-roading with a girl and we got stuck in the mud. I left her there and went to get help, and then started watching hockey. I returned 4 hours later and she was gone. LHITM (I left her in the mud!).
by GreedyPunk June 21, 2006
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