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Acronym meaning Life Grade Point Average. The LGPA bases itself upon the current collegiate grading system w/ a high of 4.0 and a low of 0.0. If youre failing at life, your LGPA will make you numerically aware of that fact.
Johnny:: "Last night was insane, Bill. I got smashed and ended up doing coke lines off some sloppy whore's ass crack."

Billy:: "Wow, guy. Youre LGPA is going to take a major hit after that one."
by Jackle December 20, 2007
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An individuals Life Grade Point Average. It bases itself on the current collegiate GPA scale (0.0-4.0). Essentially, it is the numerical value of your life making failing at life easily discernable from success.
Guy1: "Yo, last night I got wasted and slept with some dirty bird."
Guy2: "Damn, son, your LGPA is going to take a hit for that."
by ESon001 January 07, 2008
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