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An event of immense and epic proportions. LANGASM is a Local Area Network (LAN) party that is so epic and grand in nature that the phrase "LAN party" is no longer sufficient. The anticipation of this event could cause spontaneous copulation simply from thinking or planning the event. Set up should never be done the day of the LANGASM. For example see nOObs. This day or days must be meticulously planned and executed. Second rate items such as food, drinks, entertainment, other essential party supplies and annoying friends are strictly prohibited. Naps are permitted, but sleep at your own risk. Your score and/or hair-do may be adversely affected. L337 speak is encouraged, but it is never ok to say "I shot him with my gun" while playing a FPS (First Person Shooter) game.
The LANGASM was so epic that Cory busted a nut prematurely, again.
by [EEF]General Havoc August 02, 2006
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