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Liberal Arts Dyke Chick. A demgoraphic of good intentioned, idealistic young urban professional who lives the ideals of his/her liberal arts education.

LADCs are not limited to females or lesbians. The term is descriptor for a certain lifestyle, not a gender or sexual orientation.

LADCs often pursue jobs in roles that serve the community (e.g., public interest law, social work), non profits, politics, or media. They are life long learners, have a keen interest in environmental issues, as well as equality for people of all genders and sexual orientations.

The term is synonymous with well-educated, idealistic liberals.
The political demonstration supporting same-sex union drew a mixed crowd of same-sex couples and LADCs.

My friend published his own vegan cookbook -- which was sooo LADC.

Hipsters and LADCs go to the same liberal arts colleges, yet upon graduation hipsters reject all ambitions. In contrast, LADCs work for a greater good.
by Zusammenheitserlebnisgefuehl December 01, 2009
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