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LACERAPE directly refers to Machine Gun Kelly's(MGK) music, as his last mixtape was titled "Lace Up". It is without a doubt some of the most inspiring music you will ever hear, even Lace Up itself means to get through hard times knowing things will get better, so to never give up which is one of the many reasons MGK is as far as he is today. The term "LaceRape" refers to the first time a new person hears his music because all will instantly be astonished at the level of talent as well as motivation and dedication he puts into the inspirational music. His appreciation of the fans is never overlooked and just adds to how hard u get LaceRaped.
(NOVEMBER 18TH) John: Hey man, I skipped school for the release of "Lace Up"!
Twellvs: Way ahead of u man, I skipped yesterday to get ready for it and today to listen to it.
John: Thats whats up! This malbum is amazing.
Twellvs: Ye forreal, I just listened to all 16 tracks, dialed 911 and filed sexual assault cuz i got fuckin LACERAPED!
John: Ya I just asked my mom to take me out to a restaurant cuz i like to get wine-n-dined before i get LACERAPED!
Twellvs: #LTFU
by TWELLVS June 27, 2011
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