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(Chat Expression) An acronym for "Life's A Bitch, Then U Die"

Similar to:

Labatud (Life's A Bitch And Then U Die)

Labtyd (Life's A Bitch, Then You Die)

LABATYD (Life's A Bitch and Then You Die)
roommate: The vet called, they said your dog didn't make it and it's going to cost $200 more to cremate him.
me: LABTUD...
roommate: ???
me: Life's A Bitch, Then U Die. I made it up.

roommate: Oh, ok. never heard that b4. are you going to pay them?
me: They can throw his dead body in the trash for all I care. I maxed out my credit card and took out a payday loan to pay for his surgery. I'm broke(n).
roommate: How can you say that? he's your dog! doesn't he deserve a proper burial!?
me: That corpse in that freezer isn't my dog. He was born, had a few happy years, tgot bitten by an alligator and died a horrible death. ALL living things die. We pretend that we can do something to change this be we can't. We're born, we suffer, we die. It's always been this way, from the beginning of time.
roommate: I see your point. LABTUD
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by Technophant April 19, 2018
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