A term made popular by the movie "The Sandlot," refers to someone who is being lame or uncool.
Josh is being such an L7 Weenie.
by 71516 Points to be made July 15, 2016
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"That guy is an L7 weenie"
by BritiB February 21, 2005
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L7 is a square. An L7 weenie is a square weenie. A square weenie is useless, you can't fit a square peg in a round hole.
That first baseman is usless, he couldn't a cold. He is an L7 weenie
by SwampM0nster March 21, 2019
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That man’s an L7 weenie!

Yeah he does remind me of Jett Bond
by TayKayFourtySeven May 31, 2022
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