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Some shitheaded kid who thinks they rule above everyone else on the net because they can write basic code... they act like they know everything but crash down to your level when they dont know something, then they beg, then attempt to barter information from you, then tell you why they are better than you, then call you names... when you get pissed off with them and tell them to just come off their throne and look in the FAQ or instructions, they complain they are far too l33t and r0x0r to do it.
Adam: How do i open torrent files?
Me: google it, i cant be bothered to explain it to you
Adam: i cant be arsed, tell me
Me: no
Adam: why are you such a girl
Adam: god
Me: why are you such a l33t l0rd?
Adam: cus i iz roxor
Me: try wiki, d1kh3d n00bzor l33t l0rd
Adam: no
Me: then sit there staring at your torrents then
Me: bye
by Nucleality December 03, 2005
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