Acronym for the commonly used term "lets be honest"
topic: looks dont matter
response: L.B.H.
by awink2 May 13, 2007
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"Loser Back Home"

A pasty, white, socially inept American dork that has never learned to dress properly or how a gym membership works. Is likely part of the incel movement. Has to fly over to some economically depressed Asian country in order to trick a girl into being with him. After a hasty marriage, he blows up your feeds with pictures trying to prove his new social value. Beware of the LBH at bars/clubs... he will drivel on endlessly explaining his worldly insights into his newly adopted "oriental" multi-culturalism
L.B.H. Steve's fucking facebook posts about all his favorite new Pho restaurants are pissing me off... I'm going to bang his hot wife until she can open her eyes enough to see what she's gotten herself wrapped up in
by Nizzlelicious May 21, 2018
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Lady looking at a foreign man: "Mmm, he's a hunk"
Her wise friend: "OMG, L.B.H.!
by Robbie4567 March 22, 2021
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