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A skier or snowboarder from the greater Los Angeles area who is visiting Mammoth Mountain, CA, for the weekend. They are generally unable to properly load chairlifts, dress appropriately for the weather, and ski or snowboard at all for that manner. They stick out like a sore thumb with their outerwear from the late '90s and their pathetic shred skills even though they think they are awesome at skiing/snowboarding.
Tim: Dude, look at the moron skiing in jeans. Oh Damn, he just cut someone off in the halfpipe! What is he even doing in there anyhow?

Mike: What a fucking L.A. Gaper. He can't even turn and he is trying to ride Mammoth's Super Duper pipe.

Tim: L.A. Gapers are fucking idiots!
by Stian Hollings March 26, 2007
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