A park where jewish “rebels” chill and smoke weed ,it is also a place where all the drug dealers of Brooklyn hang out

If u walk into L park u will typically see them all sitting at a table smoking,drinking,hooking up, and listening to tatty my king

Until rabbi wallerstein comes to yell at all of them

It’s a “family” where all the “depressed” jewish rebels of Brooklyn connect also connected to the “avenue m” chill
David: “yo I need to pick up some bud
Chaim: “lets go pop by L park real quick
by STONER4life November 3, 2019
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The best parking space in the entire parking lot, typically characterized by being closest to the entrance of the associated building; prized for its rarity.
We showed up at Kroger around 5:00 am, and since the only people awake at that hour are stoned teenagers in need of some vanilla wafers and kettle cooked potato chips (but surely not Saltines), The Richard L. Odiorne Memorial Parking Space was just screaming our names.
by taodiorne March 15, 2009
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