When you are playing COD or another shooter and Lose a bunch of games in a row and end up having more losses than wins but you constantly are the top player on your team dropping 30+kills per match and only dying 2-3 times
Dude I'm an L GOD. I've been playing COD and have lost 10 games in a row but I keep going 30-2, am the top player on my team when everybody else on my team is going negative and the enemy team are bots.
by nerdyguy1450 October 2, 2022
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When you are playing cod, are constantly on the top of the scoreboard with a crazy positive KD but you still manage to lose a bunch of games. Usually the L God will be the only one on his or her team going positive and all of the other players will be going negative and are trash at the game
Dude I was a total L God last night. Was dominating the lobby but the entire time I kept losing. Man that was fun but really annoying at the same time.
by nerdyguy1450 October 31, 2022
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