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He is the cutest person and he has such a baby face. He is really hot and skinny but very short. He plays football. He dates short people in Illinois. He is not the most smartest person, so he goes to study hall. Everything about him is perfect. His laugh, his smile, his craziness, and his looks. The only thing that throws him off, Is that he's a druggy. He vapes and drinks and get's high. He is a naughty boy, and really pushes the teacher's buttons. A LOT! He likes to look under the stars on the trampoline with his girl. His hair is perfect but only a little gel would do. He is the best kisser and he's really good in bed. He sometimes shows off and thinks he is the shit.
"Omg, look at Kyzen I wish he was my boyfriend!"
by SecretLover123456789 December 08, 2017
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