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Anyone who can swoon a poon. I.E. player, when playing the field(where all the poons dwell)(having game). not only using the poon for sex, with having more than one partner at a time, pretending you like them, just making them feel special, which in return they will break you off(spend money, cook, clean, anything to keep the stable owner happy), but not to be confused as pimp (which is selling them bitches to the street, escort service or whore house, then collect). also a true KyleBurke even when caught having others, still has the game(skills in telling females what they wanna hear), to have that female comeback and forget about the fact she truly gotten played. a true KyleBurke would make a girl also feel guilty if she hasnt been satisfying(sexually, financially, material like, even talking to other guys). a true player would have as many females as needed, have 2-3 females helping paying the bills, 4 females who are the best in bed, all that cook well and clean the spot, now thats how its done son. which the ones who envy, try cockblocking(intervening on ones game), whether telling his females that dudes a KyleBurke or dude is using you, etc. are just a straight kyleBurke hater.
by Bob Miles February 03, 2010
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