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A VERY intelligent, well rounded girl.

Everyone aspires to be like her, but no one will ever come close.

This girl will make every guy question whether or not they're really worth her time.
She is very goofy, but still knows when to be serious.

Any girl named Kwatcho will never ever try to be like anyone else, and will try her very hardest to achieve her dream.
Kwatcho may be hard headed, but she will always listen and remember what you say to her no matter what!
The Kwatchos of the world may have had a hard upcoming, but in the end, they'll be the ones bringing home the fat ass check for her mom to buy a new house with.
Kwatchos also likes to read the Holy Bible.
Dude 1:"Aye you know that girl Kwatcho?"
Dude 2: "Nah bruh who she?"
Dude 1: "Nigga what is wrong with you?!"
Dude 2: "what's the hype?"
Dude 1 "Bruh she's only the most finest, athletic, smartest, funniest girl in the school man!"
Dude 2: "damn! Let me get her number dawg!"
Dude 1: "good luck wit her, every nigga in the school want her"
by thatcoolgirloverthere October 30, 2016
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